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This is the same toxic thinking that makes it so my gender identity and sexual orientation are never fucking respected. I “look” queer. This is why everyone assumes I’m a butch lesbian. This thinking reinforces the gender binary. And it’s hella transphobic. Seriously, quit. 

Seriously though

If any of you think femmes aren’t queer enough or non binary femmes aren’t trans enough UNFOLLOW ME. Like now.

Masculine folks need to get their shit together. Like yesterday. Reinforcing patriarchy in the queer and trans communities makes you part of the fucking problem. And it’s not cute. 

Anonymous asked: Lol ur roomie is pretending to be nb. Shes totally a feminine woman wtf. Shes just a pretender queer who fucks boys but pretends to be gay. Shes not even queer looking at like you or other nbs.

Ok anon. Get the fuck out of my inbox with this shit. First of all, who the hell are you tell someone what their gender identity or sexual orientation is?  Scarlet is non binary, she is also queer. But regardless that’s none of your fucking business unless your asking her pronouns or your fucking her. Neither of which you are doing, I’m sure. And secondly, I’m real fucking tired of this “you look queer” and “she doesn’t even look queer” bullshit. This is how masculine presenting folks justify shitting all over femmes, especially non binary femmes and ostracizing them from communities they sure as hell belong to. 

So just to make sure you get these very SIMPLE concepts, I’ll repeat them.

1. The only person who can define someone’s gender identity or sexual orientation is themselves. (novel concept, I know).

2. There’s no such thing as “looking queer” and you’re a shit person if you think there is. Or if you think the only way to look queer as someone who is designated female at birth is to present masculinely, you’re part of the problem. 

3. There’s more than one way to be non binary. (it’s almost as if non binary is HUGE AND VAST label used to describe a plethora of experiences! Again, novel, I know).

4. You should probably keep your opinions to yourself, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Because as the renowned model for someone who, in your very limited and problematic mind, “looks queer” I’m not going to let you come here and shit all over non binary femmes. I will forever defend non binary femmes. They’re pretty high on my priority list. I’m also not going to let you come here and think you can shit all over my best friend. She deserves nothing but decency and fucking respect you vile piece of garbage.

Now, kindly FUCK. OFF. 

Anonymous asked: Queer is still a slur for a lot of people.

And it’s an identity for a lot of people. 

Anonymous asked: That question did not say anything about being an ally, it just brought up the inclusion of individuals who may not identify as trans or queer.

And as i said, those are the patches that I have made stencils for. And the thing about the incentive is that not everyone has to take it, they could just donate out of the goodness of their heart. And if the patch applies to them or they want to gift it to someone it does apply to, then cool. Not to mention I am spending my own money on materials and shipping when I’m trying to raise money, soooooo.






Contrary to popular belief, marginalized groups actually don’t owe allies anything and aren’t obligated to praise allies just for showing basic human decency.

No but marginalized groups can’t treat allies like shit either

Yea we know, otherwise you’ll literally kill us


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Anonymous asked: Just wondering why on your incentives you have queer and trans badges and none for supporters who may not identify as queer or trans?

Because those are the stencils that I’ve made. And I don’t make ally paraphernalia. Sorry.


Cis people *on their knees begging me to explain the term Nonbinary*
me: sitting in a chair and the chair is made of solid gold and I’m wearing a sick fucking outfit n smoking a cig n laughing and I’m like.. Maybe if u bring me some more wine